• June 26, 2022

Running iCluster DMAUTOCFG when it’s already configured!

The iCluster command DMAUTOCFG is great for initially configuring your iCluster environment, but did you also know it can be used even after you are up and running?

You may have added new libraries or applications to your IBM i and may be wondering what else is out there on your system that could be added to iCluster. DMAUTOCFG will show you a list of all libraries on your system so you can see what’s out there. But if your consultant did not use DMAUTOCFG to initially configure the product, DMAUTOCFG is smart enough to know it’s been ignored, so if you have never used this command, you need to fool it!


  • Create a data area called AICSECRUN in the iCluster product library (almost always ICLUSTER) of type *CHAR and length 1, with initial value Y.

To add new libraries to existing groups:

  1. Run DMAUTOCFG and specify the existing primary and backup nodes
  2. Specify two existing groups to which you want to add new object specifiers
  3. Hit PF10 to get the additional parameters.
  4. Specify *YES for Select object specifiers only and *YES for Object spec. library size. NOTE: If you have a lot of libraries on your system, leave the last parameter (Object spec. library size) as *NO else you can go for lunch (and perhaps dinner too) before continuing with the next step!
  5. Hit Enter and the command will show a list of all libraries on your system (and optionally their size)
  6. You can then use P or S to select individual libraries to add to the primary group or secondary groups respectively and PF6 to process.

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