• June 30, 2022

Technology for your Small, Medium and Big Data problems

The industry is all a-buzz a-tweet with ‘Big Data’ problems. Like all good hot industry buzzwords, its exact definition is about as easy to pin down as I am after too much caffeine. It’s generally defined as deriving value from data which has volume, velocity and complexity that defy traditional methods of analysis. Big Data is only one of many problems that enterprises look to Rocket for a solution in the area of information management. Whether your problem involves small, medium or Big Data, we are a company dedicated providing the technology and solutions to meet the ever more challenging world of modern business, on the platforms you require. From mobile devices to mainframes, we can help turn the complex into the simple.

This month we were honored by Database Trends and Applications by being listed as one of their top 100 ‘Companies That Matter Most In Data‘ for 2013. At the same time in the midst of an exploding database industry, our UniData/UniVerse databases were listed in the top 3rd of databases by DB-Engines, the leading database popularity ranking site.

Take a moment to look across Rocket’s technology offerings. Whether it is enterprise-grade NoSQL databases (M204, UniData/UniVerse), business intelligence solutions (CorVu), knowledge management (Folio/NXT) or one of the other 130+ products on offer, we have the domain expertise, solutions and technology to solve your ‘Any-Sized Data’ problem on whichever platform you are running.


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Dan is the former Managing Director of R&D for the U2 Servers Lab at Rocket Software.


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