• June 29, 2022

How to make the iCluster apply process fly

Here are some assorted tips on how to make the apply process really fly:

  • End journaling on the backup for busy files (or all files if you are never going to use the backup for a switchover but only for offloading backups).
  • If your applications update records all over the file (i.e. random) vs. sequentially  and are larger than your memory pool, turn on the Optimize apply parm for the group by ending the group and then using the OPTIMZAP(*YES) parameter on the DMCHGGRP command followed by restarting the group.


  • Put your most active files into a different journal
  • For large files with many logicals and a large number of inserts, updates and deletes, use the Access Path Rebuild Controller on iCluster 7.1. Use the DMCRTAPLST (Create Access Path List, DMADDPFAPL (Add Physical Files to Access Path List) and DMSTRAPM (Start Access Path Management) commands to make this happen.


  • Consider a separate staging store library for each group at iCluster 7.1 using the STGSTORLIB parameter on the DMADDGRP command.


  • Allow the system to determine the paging characteristics for the pool in which iCluster is running using CHGSHRPOOL (<pool  id>) PAGING(*CALC)”

Using any of these tips, one at a time of course, should help make the apply process fly!

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