• June 25, 2022

Using iCluster *CHECKSUM to check file contents

The iCluster synchronization check routines (sync check) are very useful for ensuring that files on the primary node are identical to the backup node. The standard routines check up to 144 different attributes at the file level, member level, record level, field level, and object level. This should be enough to satisfy even the most particular of auditors, but what if you run into a really paranoid auditor who wants to check right down to the byte level? This is where the *CHECKSUM sync check type comes into play.

This sync check type is available on the STRHASC, STRHASCUSR and DMSTRSC commands but not on the STRCNSC (continuous sync check). Here is a sample invocation of the command:


When the command runs and the report is produced you will see if any files have failed at the content level as per the screen shot below:

Contents Sync Check

If you use the STRHASCUSR command to narrow down the contents sync check to a particular file, you can narrow down the sync check to a specific relative record number range, for example the first 100 records as shown here, or if you specify *PERCENT for the SELREC parameter, you can specify perhaps the first or last 60% of records:

Checksum parms

Remember you can also specify REPAIR (*YES) on the command to have iCluster fix the out of sync file for you automatically!





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