• June 25, 2022

iCluster Support for SQL Functions and Procedures

As part of iCluster 7.1 Interim Fix 3 (IF3) and also included with iCluster 7.1 TR1, support was provided for SQL Functions and Procedures. The primary purpose for this support was for integration between iCluster and Rocket Aldon LifeCycle Manager for i or LM(i), but any shop can also replicate SQL Functions and Procedures including any changes to these objects if you use the correct object specifiers.

With IF3 and TR1 we introduced two new object specifiers – *SQLFUNC and *SQLPROC. Use the good old DMSELOBJ command to add these object specifiers to a replication group. It’s important to note that *ALL as object type on DMSELOBJ DOES NOT INCLUDE SQL functions or procedures, in others words you need to specifically add these new object specifiers to a group to pick up these object types.

If you need to do a DMSETPOS on a group that includes SQL functions or procedures, remember that you need to do the set position on the QSQJRN journal in QSYS2. Also remember you should not replicate the QSQJRN journal, just like database journals or the system audit journal, iCluster just reads these journals and does not need to replicate the journal object.

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