• June 30, 2022

Rocket Folio 4.9 raises the bar for intelligent collaboration and search with SuperCharged PDF content enrichment

“If I had only known… if only I had that information, the outcome would have been different.” How many times have you found yourself saying that?

Perhaps it was a legal case you lost, but could have won had you known about an amendment from a similar case tried 5 years ago. Maybe you’re in technical support and a critical issue took you days to resolve instead of minutes, because you didn’t have a cross reference to a new troubleshooting technique. Perhaps you just introduced a new product to the market but it tanked because you missed a critical analyst report on the declining trends in that specific market space.

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Each of these examples is unique to the individual, but not unique in cost to one’s reputation, or cost to the organization.

Searching for and analyzing content that aids in making educated decision is critical. Just as important is the insight into how others have used the content: side notes on lessons learned, references to other material, recommendations on what information NOT to use, and suggested best practices all add value during content analysis.  With the introduction of SuperCharged PDFs in Rocket Folio 4.9, you’re no longer limited to just reading PDFs.

With the vast amount of content delivered as PDFs, Folio 4.9 provides the keys to the kingdom. With SuperCharged PDFs, content creators and viewers alike can go directly to the PDF files and interact with the entire document. You can add hyperlinks to external docs, add jump links and callouts throughout, and then share them with coworkers or the audience you publish content to.

Folio 4.9 screenshot

This is PDF collaboration and enrichment at its best. Top that with easy navigation, and digesting PDF files that span hundreds to thousands of pages just got a whole lot easier with Folio 4.9.

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