• June 30, 2022

Solving common locking issues in iCluster

Do you have objects promoted to production that have caused locking issues or contention with replication?  In a real time replication scenario iCluster will detect the CO entry and attempt to immediately save and refresh objects.

In this scenario iCluster may be acting too quickly as your production process is still working to populate the object.  This can easily be rectified in iCluster so no locks occur that affect production.  You can utilize the ‘delay for object processing’ parameter found at the iCluster system value level or individual group level.

This parameter defaults to ‘0’ which ensures we act in real-time however you can change this value to 5 or 10 seconds so iCluster will delay processing of the CO entries.  If the object is still in use, this would only cause a suspended object that later would be self-healed with Auto reactivation.

This modification would ensure seamless processing for your production files.

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