• June 27, 2022

iCluster RTVHAPOS for multiple groups and nodes

Rocket listens to its customers and the majority of our enhancements come from those who are using the product on a day to day basis and wonder “wouldn’t it be great if iCluster could do ….“.

One such enhancement at Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1 revolved around the RTVHAPOS (Retrieve HA Position) command. Customers were telling us that it can be difficult to verify the position of the last processed journal entry from within a CL program using RTVHAPOS if a journal is being used by multiple groups/nodes.

So we changed the command RTVHAPOS to add a new parameter SINGLEGRP. If SINGLEGRP is set to *YES, the group name can be input to the command using the GRPNAME parameter to narrow down the command to a single group. If SINGLEGRP is set to *NO which is the default, the command will return the last fully processed entry across all the iCluster groups that use this journal for replication.


NOTE: You must issue this command on the node where the journal resides. For example, if the journal is a remote journal, the command must be issued on the backup node where the journal is being scraped. The node does not have to be active in the cluster.

This command can only be used in CL program. If you want to obtain the same information from the command line use the DSPHAPOS command.

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