• June 30, 2022

Processing journals not being used by iCluster

This week’s Tech Tuesday post comes from a partner question. The question is… “With DMWRKJRN you can delete receivers that have been processed by iCluster, but how can we use it  to delete journal receivers that are not used by iCluster?” That’s a great question!

Both the DMWRKJRN command and the associated DLTHAJRCV commands have user exits that allow you to work with journals, or delete journal receivers that are not primarily used by iCluster. On the DMWRKJRN command as shown below:


enter the name of the exit program and library and be sure to specify *YES for Check user exit on the Filter parameter. The result will be that journals that are not necessarily used by iCluster can be displayed on this command. The DMWRKJRN command will pass a journal name and journal library to the exit program and the end user should modify the exit program to return blanks in the &RTNCODE parameter for journals that should be displayed. A sample user exit JRNEXIT1 is provided in file QACLSRC in library ICLUSTER to help you out!

For the DLTHAJRCV command it’s the same process as show in the screen shot below.


A journal name and journal library will be passed from the DLTHAJRCV command. The end user should then supply code from the third party application to determine the last processed receiver and pass it to the &JRNCRV and &JRNRCVLIB variables in the exit program. The &RTNCODE variable should be set to blanks if all receivers up to but not including the passed values can be deleted by the DLTHAJRCV command, otherwise it should be set to *IGNORE. Once again  take a look at JRNEXIT2 in QACLSRC in library ICLUSTER.

Note that this tip requires iCluster 5.2 TL1 and later.

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