• June 27, 2022

Viewing IFS objects from the iCluster Primary Status Monitor

If you have Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1 – you can now see the IFS objects that are being replicated for a group. Before attempting this, check the cluster-wide system value “Keep list of active BSF” under the Byte stream file values. The default for this value is *NO.

Keep list of active BSF

Change this value to *YES. If you have any active groups that are replicating IFS objects, end the group and restart the group using either a refresh or marked journal positions or a DMSETPOS. Once the group is active again, use Option 7 BSF and SQL Status next to an IFS journal for a group from within the Primary status monitor as shown below:

Monitor Option 7

Assuming all IFS objects are active, you will see nothing until you use PF16 Show active to show the active IFS objects. You will see the paths of the IFS objects being replicated, and from this screen you can activate or suspend IFS objects as well as display the full path.

Monitor Option 7 Display

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