• June 24, 2022

Why am I having problems with DMXtras after upgrading to TR1?

If you read last week’s Tech Tuesday post you will know that metadata files were simplified at iCluster TR1. This of course also means that DMXtras and/or ICTOOLS may have some issues at TR1.

DMXtras and ICTOOLS  are toolkits that were created by consultants and systems engineers to add some additional functionality to iCluster. As these tools become widely used and well burnt in through extensive customer and partner testing in the real world, the most widely used tools are moved natively into the product.

Examples of this are the switch menu (ICSWBEFORE and ICSWAFTER), switch ready command (ICSWORDY), the template tool (ICTEMPLATE), HMONHA (Monitor  HA), HWRKJRN (Work Journals)  and more are to come in the next release.

At TR1 the following tools from DMXtras have metadata requirements and may not work at TR1:


So the key message here is if you are using DMXtras tools for functions that have already been moved into the product, now is the time to migrate to the native commands.  Here is a simple table to help:

DMXtras and ICTOOLS at TR1

If you have any questions about DMXtras or ICTOOLS at TR1 please contact product support through the Rocket Customer Portal.

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