We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes technology powering IBM Pulse.. and some of it comes from Rocket!

IRocketAppf you’ve been to our EXPO booth, your badge QR code was scanned by a Rocketeer. This mobile app is powered by Rocket LegaSuite and helps us connect with you, while being the least intrusive.

But here’s the REALLY cool thing…

Rocket NetCure discovers the Motorola RFID readers on the EXPO floor and monitors them for the count of event badges in range of each.

A heat-map feature is added to NetCure’s existing schematic dashboarding feature which supports background images.

The heat-map feature allows you to paint a circle around or on top of each element icon in the schematic where the circle radius is proportional to a variable being monitored for the element with scaling parameters as needed.

Cool, huh? Now go see what that flash mob is up to!

IBM Pulse - Rocket NetCure

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