• February 26, 2020

The Heat is On with Rocket NetCure

How does Rocket Software know it’s snack time for thousands of people inside IBM’s Pulse 2014 EXPO Center?


The big blue dot is bursting on the heat map on the monitor in Rocket’s booth. It’s a map of the IBM EXPO floor. There are 11 blue dots to show where the largest crowds are gathering inside the EXPO Center.

And the biggest blue dot is located right where the coffee pots and freshly baked cookies arrived.

Meet Rocket’s NetCure heat map!

Rocket Software is a worldwide software developer and premier IBM business partner. Rocket’s innovative NetCure software wasn’t really designed to detect when refreshments are served at Pulse 2014. NetCure is a round-the-clock  network management system for corporations to quickly zero in on the root cause of problems in thousands of servers and routers … and fix the problem fast.

For example, a Fortune 100 service company with thousands of locations around the world can’t afford to see its network go down.  NetCure scans the network, finds a troubled server or router, and shows where it is by highlighting it on a colored graph.

NetCure is designed to keep a major IT operation up and running smoothly, all the time.

But this year, at Pulse2014, the happy gang at Rocket decided to have some fun.

What if Rocket engineers created a heat map that would show where the crowds were inside the EXPO Center!

And, they did.

So how does Rocket’s heat map work?

There are eleven RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) receivers placed at strategic locations on the EXPO floor. Each receiver detects the presence of a tiny chip inside the rectangular white badge everyone’s wearing at the conference.  How many tags – or people – are standing within 15 feet of each receiver?

The receiver knows.

The NetCure server monitors all the receivers, every 3 minutes. And the eleven blue circles on the heat map are programmed to paint a circle with a diameter proportionate to the number of badge tags the readers sense around them.

At 3:00 p.m., the coffee, tea, popcorn, and warm sugar or oatmeal raisin cookies were rolled onto the middle of the EXPO floor. And suddenly, the blue dot representing the number of tags around the coffee pots and cookie trays grew and grew until it looked like it would burst!

NetCure is a network management and service assurance application for enterprises and service providers. From routers to databases, IP telephones to Windows services, NetCure auto-discovers the systems and monitors these systems for faults and performance metrics. NetCure is the only solution that offers adaptive correlation technology that can pinpoint root-cause failures in real-time across OSS layers.

This year, Rocket Software introduced big improvements to NetCure.

It can now be used through a network browser like Firefox. That means a manager out in the field can get on a mobile device and scan his network as soon as he hears there’s a problem.

There were no problems inside the EXPO center, especially when the hot cookies were served.

And what did all the visitors to Rocket’s booth have to say about their heat map?

Cool. Very cool!

NetCure Pulse Heat Map





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