• July 3, 2022

Leveraging data in critical MultiValue systems

Dan McGrath shares how Rocket helps enterprises transform data into information in Database Trends and Applications magazine.

Dan McGrath of Rocket U2
Rocket’s Dan McGrath

In a special report, DBTA asks MultiValue vendors: What are the new challenges your customers are facing and how are you helping to extend and leverage data in critical MultiValue systems?

Dan works at Rockets as managing director for research and development with the U2 and D3 products. His comments follow:

Enterprises today have a wide variety of data stores. The need for both transferring data between these databases and for accessing multiple data stores via a single application is putting increasing pressure on IT staff to deliver the information needed to drive business decisions.

Rocket provides solutions to help enterprises transform data into information, as well as products to manage and understand the increasingly complex and connected underlying network infrastructures. Rocket enables exposing the MultiValue (MV) databases as technology-independent SOAP or RESTful web services end-points using U2 DBTools (UniData/UniVerse databases) or MVS Toolkit (D3/mvBase databases). This provides a consistent access layer for everything from mobile applications to B2B communication channels. Rocket MV databases also enable you to interact with foreign databases using External Database Access or the D3 Oracle Gateway and support MQSeries.

The Rocket CorVu product line can simultaneously source information from multiple databases, including the UniData/UniVerse databases. Rocket plans to deliver a version extending native access to the D3/mvBase databases in 2014. CorVu is a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solution that delivers information in reports and dashboards, both via connected and mobile devices.

Looking at the bigger picture, managing a modern, complex infrastructure with multiple interconnected data stores can be time-consuming and difficult. Rocket NetCure solves this problem. It auto-discovers every element of a network and automates the monitoring and management of this infrastructure down to the database layer—including the Rocket’s U2 databases. Alerts can be delivered via SMS to mobile devices, enabling 24×7 monitoring of your network by a single administrator.

Please visit the DBTA site to read other industry perspectives on leveraging data in critical MultiValue systems.


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