• July 1, 2022

Little known iCluster Monitor Commands Part 3: PRGHASMON

The PRGHASMON command is the obvious counterpart to the CHGHASMON command that we covered last week. Obviously if you start collecting monitor data, you may also want to delete the data that is being collected on a regular basis when it is no longer required.

PRGHASMON deletes historical data from the iCluster monitor databases on the primary node. As shown in the screen shot, specify the backup node in the Target parameter. Only data related to that backup node will be deleted, which is useful if you have a broadcast HA environment set up, i.e. Prod to HA and Prod to DR and you only want to clear records related to the DR box. You can also specify *ALL to remove data for all backup nodes. Finally specify the ending date and time, or the special values *TODAY and *NOW  to clear all history log records.



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