• July 1, 2022

Meet Rachel!

Red Rocketcaster guitar

Monday, at the IBM Pulse EXPO Center, the crowds were rocking!

Thronging Rocket Software and the IBM booths to learn about the new IBM Cloud Platform that was announced at Pulse 2014. Grabbing a cup of coffee while catching up on the new products with friends.

Three days ago, the EXPO center looked a little different.

“The place was barren with boxes and wires,” said Barbara Mard, a Product Marketing Manager at Rocket Software. Workers just started laying down the blue, gray and brown carpet and setting up the Rocket, IBM and aisle signs.

Two days ago, up went Rocket Software’s tall blue tower, with the bold, bright graphics designed by Rocket’s Vice President of Marketing, Alison Ishimaru.

“She does all the design,” Mard said. And flew-in early to help Mard set up the booth along with several other Rocketeers.

Rocket is an innovative, global software developer, IBM Business Partner, and IBM’s marquee sponsor at Pulse 2014. The company also has employees with talents that go beyond designing software that makes the best products work even better.

“We’re multi-talented,” laughed Mard.

And just in case you didn’t catch the buzz,  Rocket is giving away a colorful electric guitar that was handmade by Stephen Bice, a Research and Development Product Manager at Rocket.

Bice painted the five guitars on display at IBM Pulse 2014 in a shop attached to his garage in Amherst, New Hampshire. He wired the guitars, strung them, and decorated them himself. And if you’re lucky, Bice just might part with “Rachel” and let Rocket President and CEO Andy Youniss award that bright red beauty to one very lucky winner on Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. at the MGM Grand Arena. Then Youniss might get out his own electric guitar and play for the audience before Rocket treats the Pulse crowd to two musical acts: Fall Out Boy and Elvis Costello.

Show Rocket’s Dan Magid Your Badge!

All you have to do to enter to win one of the guitars is show your Pulse badge to a Rocket employee at the Rocket EXPO booth.

The Rocketeer scans the QR code on your badge and up pops your name, company, title, address, email address and phone number.

Rocket’s Rodrigo Torres, Professional Services Consultant, designed the app scanning your badge from an iPad. No need to write your name on paper or type it in to a mobile device! This Rocket LegaSuite powered app is integrated with the IBM Pulse database. All your info is there.

“We built a super robust lead-gen application,” Mard said.

After Rocket scans your badge, you can pick your area of interest in a colorful wheel displayed on the mobile screen in a Rocketeer’s hands.

Are you interested in Enterprise software?

Rocket employees can click and show you a demo from the Rocket Launchpad, right on that mobile device.

“It’s awesome. It integrates with our lead capture app,” Mard said.

And after you leave the booth, Rocket will send you an email.

Thanks for stopping by.


Learn more about Rocket at IBM Pulse 2014


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