• December 3, 2021

At Pulse! Rocket Software Tools Enhance Tivoli z Storage

When you think Rocket Software, think optimized performance.

Rocket takes a great product – as in Tivoli Advanced Storage Management Suite for z – and adds tools to make it even better!


Like – what if you could rock your HSM auditing capabilities?  As in extend and enhance.

Prevent outages due to catalog or HSM maintenance?

Or avoid failures due to space constraints?

Rocket Software has the tools to do all this and more!

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Tivoli z/OS Storage Management

Integrating and Leveraging
 Capabilities to Reduce Costs and Maximize Efficiency

Wednesday, February 26 from 2:15-3:15 p.m., Room 308, MGM Grand


At IBM Pulse 2014 in Las Vegas, don’t miss two mainframe experts at Rocket Software discuss all of Rocket’s enhanced solutions to help customers boost their hardware performance with Tivoli Advanced Storage Management Suite for z/OS. 

Tivoli z/OS Storage Management and Rocket Software help run the mainframe environment more efficiently and save customers time and money.

  • One unified view … with easy dashboards customers can create … filled with graphics and details
  •  A graphical user interface of the Tivoli Advanced Products. These products add value to the z/OS components.


  • A storage management, audit, and reporting software suite
  • Monitors and reports what’s happening
  • Analyzes and manages daily Data Facility Storage Management System (DFSMS) hierarchical storage management (HSM) environment activity
  • Fast, accurate audits and diagnostics
  • Advanced alerts that integrate information from the operating system, network, and subsystems
  • Customers see right away when there are problems so they can fix them fast and avoid costly outages.
  • Automated corrective actions
  • With data protection to reorganize, repair, split and merge open catalogs.
  • Ability to prevent and recover from space-related abnormal ends
  • Virtual storage access method (VSAM) data set recovery to help recover VSAM data sets backed up by IDCAMS EXPORT or Rocket Software’s VSAM Assist

Come to this session led by Ted Ehrlich and Janet Sun of Rocket Software. Janet has over 25 years of mainframe systems experience in the aerospace and automotive industries with expertise in operating system, performance and storage management. Ted has more than 30 years experience in System z operations and application development focusing on Systems and Storage Management.

Stream: Optimizing IT & Service Management

Track: System z Management & Operations

Audience: IT Function – Data Center/IT Operations, Performance Testing, Storage Management

Learn more about Rocket at IBM Pulse 2014


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