• June 25, 2022

A quick tip on DMMONHA and automatic event log cleaning

When using DMMONHA to cleanup your event log, it’s important to note the settings for the Check interval in minutes (CHKITV) and Clean up event logs (CLNEVTLOG) parameters. The context sensitive help for CLNEVTLOG on DMMONHA states:

If this parameter is set to *YES, the DMMONHA job will remove expired messages from the event logs every time it performs a check.

What this means is that if the CHKITV parameter is set to a very low value like 5 minutes (perhaps because you want almost instant EMAIL notification if a group goes down or becomes inactive), there will be a DMCLNLOG job submitted by definition manager every 5 minutes!  Now this should not be an issue, as the amount of CPU is minimal and unless there are problems no spool file should be produced, but why waste resources?  If your  message retention period (Logged msg lifetime) on Option 6 is set to 14 days and you are in the event log often – there is really no need to do automatic log cleanup using DMMONHA. Just turn it off on DMMONHA and you can keep monitoring at a low value. A fix will be provided soon to only submit DMCLNLOG once in a 24 hour period regardless of the value for CHKITV.

DMMONHA Clean Event Log


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