• June 30, 2022

Monitor iCluster commands in your batch routines or exits using DMGENEXC

If you have built your own user exits for switching iCluster, or batch CL programs for ending iCluster, you may be wondering …”how can I programmatically monitor for an iCluster command that fails?”. For example for IBM i commands like DLTF you can monitor for CPF2125 and either carry on if it’s unimportant or send a message to the user.

Well you can do the same thing with iCluster commands using the DMGENEXC (Generate command exceptions) command. In your user exit or batch CL program after doing a CHGCURLIB ICLUSTER, issue the DMGENEXC GENEXC(*YES) command before any iCluster commands. Then after each iCluster command that you wish to monitor, monitor for msgid CSI9954 and then either ignore the failure or do whatever you need to do to fix the issue, notify an end user or just end the program.

Here is an example where the DMENDGRP and DMENDNODE commands are being monitored as part of a CL to bring down iCluster before an IPL.


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