• July 1, 2022

Ctrl+F Search Outperforms Google

After more than a decade working for the best of the best in the world of search, I am still amazed how often I find myself using Ctrl+F to search within a page.  Why is that?

If you’ve ever searched within a large document, Ctrl+F is the simplest form of search and can be an extremely quick way of navigating thru each of the occurrences of your search term. You enter your term in the search box and hit next until you’re done.


When a large document is posted online, it is usually spread across multiple pages. So you go to Google for finding relevant hit locations across multiple pages and it usually goes something like this:  you open each result, review the page, navigate back, and then repeat for each result. This is a time consuming process that is amplified by network delays and the chatty nature of HTTP. Ctrl+F will outperform Google every time. You don’t notice it so much because the total time spent navigating is split across multiple interactions with the UI and the interface is clean and simple. Surely there’s a better way, right?

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Is Ctrl+F better than Google?

This is not to say that Ctrl+F is better than Google. They both serve a different purpose. Google is charged with taking vast amounts of information and leading users to one of probably many right answers. In contrast, Ctrl+F is very focused, very specific, and incapable of large quantities of information. In addition, Google’s target user is the entire world and the broader the audience, the simpler the interface must be.

If only there were something that gave you the power of handling vast amounts of information and the precision of a targeted Ctrl+F search in one solution…  Wait for it…

Enterprise Search

Enterprise search combines the best of both worlds allowing you to see the context of your search results.  You can perform a powerful search across a large set of data and when navigating to search results, your search terms are highlighted within the document, and you are scrolled to the exact location. It’s like an auto Ctrl+F feature on steroids that includes advanced semantic search features like stemming and synonym expansion.

Until web search provides the same level of search precision and expert function I’ve come to expect with Enterprise Search, I will continue to use Ctrl+F to search within a page because in this respect, Ctrl+F outperforms Google.  What do you think?  Do you Ctrl+F?

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