• June 30, 2022

Removing *EXCLUDE object specifiers from an active iCluster group

In the last Tech Tuesday we covered removing object specifiers from an active iCluster group. Removing object specifiers means iCluster metadata is changing and thus the group needs to be stopped and the DMMRKPOS (Mark journal positions) command executed before restarting the group using Use marked positions *YES. But what happens if you have a group that includes all objects of type *FILE but then specifically excludes FILE1, FILE2, FILE3 and now you want to include FILE1. In other words you are asking iCluster to replicate something that was previously excluded?

If the group was totally caught up and you can afford the time to issue a DMMRKPOS for the group (a time when there is no activity to the other files in the group), then the previous method works well. End the group, remove the specific exclude object specifier for FILE1, issue the DMMRKPOS and then restart the group with Use marked positions *YES.

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If however this is a very active group and things are changing all the time, then a different technique comes into play, as there will be no time to do the DMMRKPOS for the entire group. Remember DMMRKPOS basically tells iCluster that both primary and backup nodes are identical at the point in time the journal is being marked. This will be next to impossible to guarantee if files are changing all the time. So end the group and remove the exclude specifier for File1, but then save File1, send it to the backup node and restore the file. Then issue the DMACTOBJ command with Refresh(*NO) for File1 as below:


Then restart the group normally. This will update iCluster metadata and iCluster will start sending changes to the file that occurred post DMACTOBJ.

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  • Mike Warkentin Reply

    April 9, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    One of my techies also provided this useful tip. “Another way to remove an object specifier from an ‘in production’ group, is to end the group, remove the specifiers then perform a ‘DMSETPOS GROUP(GROUPNAME)
    JRN(*ALL) JRNPOSLRG(*LASTAPY) ‘. Then start the group normally.”

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