• June 24, 2022

Removing an object specifier from an active group in iCluster

In the last Tech Tuesday post we talked about “feeling the burn.” In other words, iCluster has a burn in period during which you will be monitoring the product to make sure everything is working as expected. During this period you may discover that some objects that are being replicated, really do not need to be replicated. Or perhaps you discover the opposite, that you need to add more object specifiers. This post will cover removing object specifiers.

If the group is currently active, the first thing you need to do is end the group in a controlled fashion using the DMENDGRP command. When the group is down, use either Option 2 from the main menu to Work with Groups and then Option 12 (Work with objects) or Option 13 (Work w/path obj) next to the group in question to access the object specifiers for the group. Then use Option 4 for De-select next to the object specifier that needs to be removed. An easier option if you know the object specifier for the group, is to just use the DMDSELOBJ (De-select object specifier) command. In the example below I am removing the MYTEMP object of type *FILE as an object specifier from the PAYROLL group.


Once removed, the metadata for iCluster needs to be changed. To do this, issue the DMMRKPOS command for the group and restart the group with Use Marked positions set to *YES. This works beautifully for removing an existing object specifier, but what happens if you are removing an “Exclude” specifier. For example you are including every file in a library and excluding a specific file, and now you want to remove the exclude and have iCluster start to replicate this file. We will cover this in the next Tech Tuesday post!

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