• July 1, 2022

Restarting iCluster journal management after an IPL

The DMWRKJRN command which was introduced at iCluster 5.2 TL1, provides automated journal management within iCluster. It can be used to manage not only journals used by iCluster, but even journals used by other products. See the Tech Tuesday post “Processing Journals Not Being Used by iCluster” for more details on this capability. What some customers with older versions of the product such as iCluster 7.1 may not know, is that if the iCluster subsystem is ended for an IPL, the journal management status from this command is not automatically maintained post IPL. This means you need to restart journal management using the DMWRKJRN command for each journal that was being managed.

This issue has been resolved at iCluster 7.1 TR1 using the DMSTRJNMNG command.  There are no parameters to enter for this command, just issue the command after an IPL and when the XDMCLUSTER subsystem is back up, and all journals previously managed by DMWRKJRN will be back auto managed! The easiest way to make sure this happens is to either put the DMSTRJNMNG command in your QSTRUP program (remembering to do a CHGCURLIB ICLUSTER before the command) or use the ADDAJE command to add the command as an autostart job entry to the DMCLUSTER subsystem as shown below:


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