• June 30, 2022

Can you hear me now?

search concepts“Can you hear me now? Wait hold on, let me move closer to the window” or maybe you’re driving down the road and you’ve just passed through a “dead zone” and your call was completely dropped. We’ve all been there… in search of a strong signal from a local cell tower. Cell towers have become an all too familiar visual that we’ve all come to know, sometimes with the facade of a wiry evergreen tree as we travel down the interstate.

So what’s behind those towers of steel anyway? Turns out there’s quite a bit of customization and competition in the engineering and construction of these mighty towers. Interestingly a company called Vertical Structures has found a way to outmaneuver some of the competition using “Search with a twist” or shall I be so bold as to say “not your Grandfather’s search!”

A majority of Vertical Structure’s orders call for specialized custom components that require a tweak here and a tweak there in the design and fabrication from a previously created tower. While this may seem a simple task it’s actually a bit more complicated and time consuming. With fabrication orders developed with proprietary software and drawings developed with CAD software, Vertical Structures needed a solution that could understand these unique formats. They also needed one that would allow direct interaction with design files for tagging, and CAD hyperlink association, and on top of all that a means of intelligent search. They needed a solution that was affordable, and quick and easy to deploy.

With these requirements they turned to Rocket Folio that provided a streamlined solution that gave them the ability to create a searchable database of several thousand engineering drawings; “search with a twist” and without a hefty price tag.

Designers can interact directly with the content and provide an overlay of relevant external content, in this case hyperlinks, so all the dots are now connected for the next project . Now engineers can easily retrieve, update, reference and electronically transfer any work completed. This approach saves time, money, resources and aggravation; bottom line giving them the ability to move to the next project in record time.

As cell phone technology has forever changed the way we communicate, so too has Rocket Folio changed the way Vertical Structures innovates for tomorrow’s global economy.

“Simplified Search with a twist and without the price tag”

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