• June 29, 2022

Choosing the Right iCluster Release

Did you know that since Rocket Software acquired the iCluster business from IBM in January of 2012, that the iCluster product has gone through 2 major releases (Rocket iCluster 7.1 and Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1) with a third major release scheduled for Q4 of this year?

Wow that’s 3 releases in less than 3 years! The product continues to be developed and enhanced, adding many new features like Rocket Aldon and Rocket LegaSuite integration as well as support for SQL functions and SQL procedures. With so many new releases out there how do you choose the correct one for your business?

To determine your current release, use Option 7 System Information on the main menu or WRKDTAARA ICLUSTER/HAPACKID.


If you still own IBM iCluster 5.2, (all the menus say IBM iCluster instead of Rocket iCluster), the correct release is any release other than the one you have! If you are not changing your hardware that would cause a change to the P Group (Processor Group) or the serial number, you can still use the IBM version of iCluster. However, the moment your hardware changes you must upgrade to the Rocket product as IBM can no longer generate license keys. If you like continuity and no risks – Rocket iCluster 5.2 TL1 will still be appropriate and is still supported but you will be missing out on some great new features.

If you would like to automatically create remote journals, automatically register new libraries and automatically fix record level errors, then the release for you is Rocket iCluster 7.1. which as available in July of 2012. IT Jungle had an article back in August of 2012 describing this new release.

For most customers the best release is the current release – which has been available since August of 2013. Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1 added some amazing new features including the ability to clone your configuration by creating CL programs automatically which contain all the commands necessary to rebuild the environment (RTVHACFGS command). Also included was a rolling apply delay to allow you the time to get back that corrupted or deleted production file from the backup node before it is modified/deleted and a switch ready indicator to let you know if your groups are ready for a switch.

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