• June 25, 2022

What’s in the History Monitor?

It’s time for a history lesson. If you look at either the Primary or Backup monitors you will see Option 12 = History. What exactly is behind that option? In a previous post, we discussed the CHGHASMON command which starts or changes the collection process for the Primary History monitor.

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If data is being collected, Option 12 placed next to any journal being used by a group will show you the date and time of the first, current and last journal entries being processed as well as the last journal entry written on the Primary, the last journal entry read on the Primary and the last entry applied on the Backup. It will also show you the number of transactions left in the staging store. This is the first view Historical Latency.

History Monitor 1

The second view which can be accessed via F11 is called Totals and shows total transactions sent and applied since the last start of the replication process for that group.

History Monitor 2

The third and final view is Throughput and shows the elapsed time since the latest replication process for the group and journal began, as well overall transactions per hour for the replication process and for the elapsed time since the last reset of the screen using F10.

All of this data is of course in a metadata file called OMFHLOG which can be queried for your own purposes.

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