• July 6, 2022

End Terminal Emulation Compliance Hassles

It’s no secret that certain terminal emulation merchants utilize what could be considered forceful, hardline tactics concerning software-license compliance. The good news is Rocket Software offers stress-free licensing! As a result, the necessity to track product licenses and maintain license counts is eliminated.

The Rocket methodology to software licensing offers an opportunity for banks, insurance companies, state governments and other substantial terminal emulation users to reap immense financial benefits! These enormous organizations can license upwards of thousands of software applications, including terminal emulation.

Large organizations, such those mentioned above, take on the monumental assignment of tracking and managing product licenses. Through the utilization of a Rocket’s Enterprise License Plan, known as ELP, several inherent benefits become realized:

  • Audits are eliminated
  • The need for recording and tracking terminal-emulation product licenses, on a per CPU basis, is eradicated
  • Any Rocket product offering TN3270E or other legacy communications services can be integrated into the master license and extensively distributed

Rocket Software’s uncomplicated and upfront approach allows for frustrating license compliance to become nothing more than a distant memory! Additionally, a Rocket Enterprise License Plan allows for the distribution of any or all Rocket host access products—using whatever platform or publishing method one requires. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Allocate Rocket Terminal Emulation as a predominant application on all corporate desktops
  • Run Rocket Terminal Emulation from a Citrix platform to remote users
  • Publish Rocket Terminal Emulation from a centralized Microsoft IIS or IBM WebSphere Application Server, with sessions enabled and expedited through one’s organizational portal
  • Employ Rocket Passport Host Integration Objects as middleware on a Windows 2012 Server to incorporate .NET or other applications to your IBM mainframe using TN3270E
  • Attach Rocket Passport Host Integration Objects in a Windows 7 or 8 client application to administer screen-based integration of various 3270 or 5250 host sessions

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Rocket’s Unique Alternative to Solutions Surpasses Other Terminal Emulation Vendors, Hands-Down!

When dealing with terminal emulation and legacy integration solutions, Rocket remains an exceptional alternative over other vendors, which directly contributes to Rocket being the recognized front-runner in terminal emulation replacement. Our web-site’s client-directory displays a list of impressive patrons who utilize Rocket Terminal Emulation for host access; and here are a few reasons why they have chosen us over our competitors:

  • Rocket’s clients enjoy noticeable savings on annual terminal-emulation maintenance costs
  • Rocket’s clients appreciate improved offers regarding Windows upgrades
  • Rocket’s clients receive unsurpassed and valued customer-friendly software licensing
  • Rocket’s clients can count on innovative web-based host access models, when needed

Rocket’s Free Macro Conversion—The Capability To Re-utilize Current Integration Applications!

Rocket, with its no-cost macro-conversion features, absolutely eradicates one of the main challenges and hurdles associated with transference from other terminal emulators to Rocket Terminal Emulation. Rocket employs conversion tools that enable the transfiguration of almost all macros, automatically. Regardless of the thousands of macros a company might possess, no assignment is too large for Rocket! Due to Rocket’s sophisticated conversion tools, we can guarantee an exceptionally swift turnaround; and even complex macros can be converted and returned with impressive efficiency—and that is our promise to you!

Because of Rocket’s in-depth expertise, we have the capability to reuse your integration code, as is, in virtually every instance. If you currently have HLLAPI or other emulator APIs including Attachmate EXTRA! and Reflection, IBM Personal Communications, Open Text Host Explorer, Micro Focus RUMBA and Chameleon and others, and if those applications integrate with your host screens, then you’ll be pleased to know that virtually no code changes are necessary!

Rocket: The One Source For Legacy Application Integration and Terminal Emulation!

If integrating the TN3270E model for communication with an IBM mainframe is to be utilized, then Rocket has a question: Doesn’t it make perfect sense to use the same vendor for both legacy-application integration and advanced-terminal emulation? We think so too.

Rocket’s Basic Eligibility Requirements and Term-of-Contract

As one might expect, there are minimum eligibility requisites and terms to participate associated with the Rocket Enterprise License Plan program. Give Rocket Software a call today to determine if you qualify for our beneficial offer. One of our experienced representatives will be more than happy to discuss the details!

Rocket Terminal Emulation – 30 Day FREE Trial – Download Now!


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