• July 1, 2022

Helping iCluster Support Help You!

The Rocket support team does an excellent job of resolving your issues and providing how to information, but they can’t read your mind. There is a certain amount of information that you should always provide to the support team to help them help you.

Your first stop is Option 7 from the main menu also known as the DMSYSINF command. This command will provide the support team with basic information like your version of iCluster, OS version etc.

Next obviously are joblogs for the iCluster job that failed using WRKSPLF DMCLUSTER. If the job is still active and it’s a performance issue, then a call stack for the job in question using Option 94 (Work with iCluster Jobs ) at iCluster 7.1 TR1 or Option 94 from the main menu with earlier releases, followed by Work with Job and Option 11 Display call stack is required.

The final piece of information is any messages in the event log using the DMDSPLOG command and filtering by date and time to include any error messages around the problem.

If you are ever in doubt as to what information needs to be collected for what problem, the Rocket Customer Portal and Browse for Solutions will show you Tech Notes RIC-73-80 with each entry titled “Rocket iCluster – Collecting Information for …. As shown below.



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