• June 25, 2022

Mirroring only the Object Structure in iCluster

If you have an application that absolutely requires that a particular object exist on the backup node but the contents are unimportant, iCluster has a solution. In many cases this a file that gets populated, then cleared at end of day or end of processing and thus it’s a waste of valuable bandwidth to be sending all the changes across the pipe. However that file may get deleted and recreated or possibly be moved to another library, so object changes need to be replicated.

To handle this type of object you can specify MIRRCNTS *NO (Mirror Contents) on the DMSELOBJ command when a new object specifier is added to the group. This parameter will not mirror the contents but only object level changes like CREATE, DELETE, RENAME and MOVE. The parameter can be specified for objects of type *DTAARA (Data Areas), *DTAQ (Data Queues) and *FILE objects with an attribute of *PFDTA (physical files).


Note that *FILEATTR and *DTAARA sync checks will not report object contents mismatches if you decide not to refresh or mirror the object contents with MIRRCNTS(*NO).

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