• June 25, 2022

Questions to Ask When Considering a Terminal Emulation Vendor

Your company may be at the point when purchasing a terminal emulator has become a top priority, or, it could be, that you’re looking to replace your incumbent emulator. In either case, you’re certainly doing your due diligence, and you want to make sure that you find the right solution for your needs.

Well, there are a number of things to consider, and here are some questions we recommend you ask before choosing a terminal emulation vendor:

Is the company a leader in technology solutions?

Rocket Software has been a global leader in developing software products that help corporations, government agencies and other organizations reach their technology and business goals for several decades. 1,100 Rocketeers on five continents are focused on building and delivering solutions for more than 10,000 customers and partners – and five million end users.

How much does it cost?

You’ll find that Rocket Terminal Emulation is cost-effective. In addition to dramatically lowering your total cost of ownership through savings from our flexible, all-inclusive licensing, our centralized distribution features mean you’ll eliminate network administration and support overhead. We offer concurrent or per-seat licensing as well as lower license and maintenance fees than other first-generation emulators. In addition, all upgrades are included in your annual maintenance subscription.

Will migrating create interruptions?

Rocket Software has worked diligently over the years to be able to guarantee that your migration from your incumbent emulator will be free of any business workflow interruptions.

Is the emulator compatible with the latest versions of Windows?

Rocket Terminal Emulation has passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on PCs running the Windows 7 & 8 operating systems. Rocket Terminal Emulation installs without worry and runs reliably with Windows Vista, Windows 7, & Windows 8 including 64-bit.

Is the emulator compliant?

Some 3270 terminal emulation vendors resort to rather aggressive approaches to software license compliance. Rocket Terminal Emulation offers hassle-free licensing that eliminates the need to track product licenses, maintain license counts, worry about future license and more.

Is the emulator easy to use?

Purchasing, implementing, and using Rocket Terminal Emulation is easy and simple while remaining customizable to support ever-changing business requirements.

What kind of support is available?

Rocket Software is globally headquartered in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. So, you get 24/7 support no matter where in the world you happen to be located.

What about Scalability?

Some competitors’ products are three-tier solutions that require specific application servers or Web servers. Rocket Terminal Emulation is an infinitely scalable, two-tier solution that is compatible with any enterprise-quality Web server and does not require a specialized application server.

What about security?

Right out of the box, Rocket Terminal Emulation supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0), giving you the highest levels of security and code integrity. It also includes Rocket TE Secure FTP, which provides SSL and SSH connectivity to any compliant FTP server, including iSeries, z/OS and z/VM. If your host system does not support SSL, if you want to offload the SSL, or if you want to provide additional security at the edge of your network, just add the optional Rocket TE Security Server.

What about flexibility?

With a single Rocket Terminal Emulation license, you get support for 3270, 5250, VT 52/100/220/320/420, ANSI, SCO-ANSI,WYSE 60, HP character and block mode, and secure File Transfer Protocol connectivity. Each user can make any number of desired connections and you don’t have to purchase additional separate products to support multiple protocols. Because Rocket TE supports both Web and desktop, you don’t have to buy individual licenses. And as your users’ needs change over time, you can have a smooth and transparent transition between Web and desktop emulation at no additional cost.

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