• June 25, 2022

Replicating External Stored Procedures in iCluster

Back in iCluster 7.1 TR1 IF3 we introduced support for replicating SQL Stored procedures and functions. What some customers may not know is that this also works for External Stored procedures that do not use SQL. According to the IBM Knowledge Centre, an external procedure is a procedure program or service program written in a programming language such as C, COBOL, or Java.

The external executable is referenced by a procedure defined at the current server along with various attributes of the procedure. The SQL Create Procedure statement can be used to create the external procedure or it can be easily created in Navigator for IBM i as shown below:

Create External

To replicate External Procedures in iCluster use the same object specifiers that are used for SQL Procedures on the DMSELOBJ command (*SQLPROC). The object specifier may be *SQLPROC, but it’s just a catchall for SQL and External Stored procedures.  They will be automatically registered in QSYS2/SYSROUTINE and SYSPROCS on your backup node at create time. Here is a group with the *SQLPROC specifier added.


Note: currently iCluster only supports the CREATE PROCEDURE, CREATE FUNCTION, DROP PROCEDURE, and DROP FUNCTION.  So changes to external procedures are not replicated, although if iCluster is replicating the *PGM object – you will get the program changes.

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