• June 25, 2022

Turning off Comms AutoRecovery in iCluster

In iCluster 7.1 TR1 we introduced CAR (Communications AutoRecovery). This feature detects small bumps in communications and automatically recovers the replications groups, including starting nodes and restarting groups from their last replication position. This is very handy if you have frequent TCP/IP errors or outages. Most of the time this is exactly what you want, but if you have operators who love to do a PWRDWNSYS *IMMED or perhaps ENDSBS *IMMED before a backup, then CAR comes into play when the node comes back up and all groups will be automatically started. You may want to control what groups get restarted, or you may have other tasks to perform before iCluster comes back up.

Did you know you can turn auto-recovery off? All you need to do is use the DMCHGNODE on your primary node and specify Check Primary Link *NO.

Turn off CAR



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