• June 30, 2022

Checking for iCluster Latency The Easy Way Part II

In the last Tech Tuesday post we covered how to use the DMDSPLOG command to display only the latency messages. As you are now aware, the iCluster event log contains a lot of information about your replication environment, but there may be times when you want this information in a different format or even in a physical file. The event log is actually a physical file called OMEVNTLOGP in the ICLUSTER product library and as such can be queried, used in SQL statements or in STRSQL or used in Query/400, Query Manager as well DB2 Web query to be placed in a file.

If you use DPSFFD on the OMEVNTLOGP file you will find that the key fields you need to use in a query are pretty obvious and include GRPNAME, MSGID, MSGTEXT, and JOBLOGID. The JOBLOGID contains the name, user and job number of the job that produced the message. Note however that the OBJNAME, OBJLIB, OBJTYPE and OBJATTR are currently not being used, so if you need some of this information you will have to pull it from the MSGTEXT field.

One quick and easy use of the OMEVNTLOGP file is an STRSQL session using the statement below to just pull out the latency messages.


Think of this as checking for iCluster Latency the Easy Way Part II!

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