• January 16, 2019

iCluster 7.1 TR1 Interim Fix 5 Released

Rocket Software has released a new Interim Fix package for the current release of Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1 called Interim Fix 5 (or IF5). Interim Fix packages are less intrusive then Technical Refreshes and can usually be applied in a few minutes by extracting the IBM i save file, transferring the file in Binary mode to all of your nodes, ending replication controlled, restoring all objects from the save file (saved library HAPATCH) into the product library ICLUSTER on all nodes, and restarting replication.

While enhancements are a key component of Technical Refreshes and can be provided in Interim Fixes, bug fixes usually make up the majority of the fix pack. The main fix in this release addresses false obsolete objects being reported in the *FULL sync check in iCluster. OBS out of sync objects are obsolete objects, objects that exist on the backup node but not on the primary node. This should normally not be of a concern as it means you have more objects on the backup than on the primary, so if you switch you at least know that everything you have on the primary is on the backup plus more! But of course it also means your two systems are not identical. We covered why these occur and how to reduce them in a previous Tech Tuesday post in April 29, 2014.

Well it turns out iCluster due to a timing issue, was reporting some objects as obsolete that weren’t really obsolete. Ooops! We released the ICFIXOBS tool to help get rid of them, but now in this fix we have identified the timing issue and repaired the problem. So if you are experiencing false obsolete object in a *FULL sync check you need IF5!

Grab this Interim Fix from the Rocket Customer Portal at https://support.rocketsoftware.com/rsp-portal/rsp/login and under My Software, Downloads and Rocket iCluster look for RIC-2197 Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1.

Customer Portal1

You should see a file called iC_7.1.1028.10_TR1_InterimFix_5.zip dated 2014-07-10.

Customer Portal2

See the next Tech Tuesday post for more information on some of the fixes in IF5.

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