• June 24, 2022

iCluster now replicates “Q” libraries

In the last Tech Tuesday post we covered the fact that Interim Fix 5 for iCluster 7.1 Tr1 has been released and we covered the fix that should remove your false OBS (Obsolete Objects) from the *FULL sync check. This week we will cover the one major enhancement in IF5, the removal of the restriction that iCluster should not replicate libraries beginning with Q.

In past releases this was done to prevent a customer from getting into trouble by replicating IBM related objects. Many IBM Q libraries contain objects that are specific to the hardware installed and should never be replicated. Some customers however have end user libraries beginning with Q i.e QRYxxxxx for queries. Past releases provided a data area called DMQLIBLIST in the product library to hold up to 200 end user libraries. This restriction will now allow user libraries beginning with Q to be replicated without the use of the data area.

Note that no checking is done to see if the library is owned by QSYS or was created by *IBM, in other words you could now replicate QSYS, so the user must be careful!

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