• August 17, 2022

Mainframe Challenges in the Ever-Changing World of IT

To say that IT is of great importance for the enterprise is an understatement. However, for many companies that remain mainframe-dependent, utilizing the mainframe with more modern devices like tablets and smartphones is no easy chore. Since mainframes weren’t originally designed to work with customer-facing applications and mobile devices, bringing these technologies together in a harmonious fashion is often a challenge.

Even though the mainframe is vital for today’s enterprise, more often than not, companies do not have any defined protocol for monitoring and managing the performance of their mainframe application environments.

Compuware conducted a study of 350 CIOs in February 2014, titled “Two-Thirds of CIOs Believe Looming Mainframe Skills Shortage Will Hurt Their Business.” Here are some of the findings from this study:

  • majority of CIOs (81 percent) still believe that the mainframe will remain a key business asset over the next decade
  • 66 percent of CIOs fear that the impending retirement of the mainframe workforce will hurt their business by reducing their ability to support legacy applications
  • Almost half (40 percent) of CIOs still have no formal plans in place for dealing with the key risks associated with a mainframe skills shortage.
  • Organizations have only made a slight improvement in their preparation levels since 2011, when 46 percent of CIOs admitted they were ill-prepared for a developer shortage.
  • 55 percent of CIOs claim that their mainframe teams are finding it difficult to keep up with the fast changing demands of the business.

These challenges only result in increased costs and inefficiencies, which undoubtedly, has a negative impact on overall business. If you’re looking for a company that can help you with your mainframe needs, we’re it. Rocket Software is a leading global developer of software products that help corporations, government agencies and other organizations reach their technology and business goals.

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