• June 27, 2022

Applying iCluster interim fixes

The Rocket development team provides interim fixes on a regular basis for all supported releases of iCluster. To find these interim fix packs, sign on to the Rocket Customer portal at:


Under My Software Downloads click on Rocket iCluster and you will see about 6 entries under ID. It is important that you know which version of iCluster you are running and download the correct Interim Fix. Usually only the most current Interim Fix is stored in the portal, as the fix packs are cumulative (so each pack contains all the items from the previous fix packs), but for example ,there may be  an Interim Fix 6 for both iCluster 7.1 as well as iCluster 7.1 TR1. Use the DMSYSINF command to determine your current level of iCluster.

Tech Tuesday Sep 9 2014

RIC-2197 contains the Interim Fixes for iCluster 7.1 TR1 and RIC-27 contains Interim Fixes for iCluster 7.1. User manuals and release notes are also stored in these folders. Just remember you MUST install an Interim Fix on all nodes in the cluster at the same time.

Tech Tuesday Sep 9 2014 2

If you like this post, please post a reply. For more detailed information on how to actually apply the Interim Fixes fix see the awesome How To Video at this link:


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