• June 24, 2022

Changing the iCluster group staging store library

The staging store is a non-volatile storage mechanism for the changes sent from the primary node that are to be applied to the backup node. The staging store is used to hold these changes before they are applied to the backup node. This allows the backup apply processes to be shut down temporarily without shutting down the journal scraper processes thus continuing to provide protection for your production node.

In iCluster 7.1 we provided the ability to speed up the apply process by allowing multiple staging store libraries (1 per group) instead of a single staging store for the node. In iCluster 7.1 if you needed to change the name of the staging store library you had to delete and recreate the group.In iCluster 7.1 TR1 we now allow you to change the name of the staging store library for the group using the DMCHGGRP command.

If you change the name of the staging store library using this command, note that you must restart the group with a refresh, or with the “Use marked positions” option after a save-restore and DMMRKPOS.

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