Getting some iCluster education

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Have you been trained on iCluster? If you have recently been assigned as the primary administrator for iCluster and you or are new to your shop and never trained when the product was installed, you may be wondering how to get up to speed. Reading the Tech Tuesday blogs posts is a good start, but if you want the basics from the beginning you can get that too!

Education on iCluster is available in 2 flavours, classroom and self-paced online courses. Both of these options are available at the following URL:\

This site – iCluster Administrator Training, contains links to the entire Fast Track course for online self-paced training.


If you prefer classroom training, fill out the bottom section of this page and a Rocket Training Resource will contact you to arrange for training that will best suit your company needs.

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iCluster Tech Tuesday

iCluster TechTuesday is a set of posts covering technical tips and techniques to help get the most out of your Rocket iCluster installation.

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