• February 20, 2019

High Availability: do you have peace of mind?

high availability softwareI understand the pressure to never be down. Never lose data. Never miss an order. Never miss your company’s revenue goals. It’s brutal and I will never ever forget it.

When I was running a data center, I remember sitting at a football game with my son on a weekend and getting THE CALL.

I looked down and saw the number was the data center calling. The first thought that came across my mind was: “Is this the call that I would be able to answer quickly and return to quality time with my son, or was this the call I would take and have to tell my son that I would need to take him home and then go into the office for several hours until the problem was solved?”

That’s the pain of being a DBA and the type of pressure that you constantly live with. Never, never, never go down. It’s absolutely horrible.

High Availability is crucial for your peace of mind. Think about it. Is your solution complete? Did you know that a hardware-based solution alone is not enough? Be more protected. Design your complete solution integrating Rocket U2 Replication.

Learn more about Rocket Software’s U2 High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions, by visiting our web portal at: http://info.rocketsoftware.com/hadr.html



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