• February 20, 2019

IT jungle: iCluster monitoring and management goes mobile

“IBM i shops that use Rocket Software‘s iCluster can now monitor and manage their high availability setup remotely from the comfort of a smartphone. The new HTML5 interface delivered last week with iCluster version 7.1 TR2 is the first dedicated smartphone interface from Rocket, which plans to add new functions in the months and years to come.

The new mobile interface, which Rocket calls Mobile Monitor, lets users monitor and manage their iCluster environments without needing a PC or a 5250 console, says Mike Warkentin, the senior manager of engineering for the iCluster product. “Now customers can use an HTML5-enabled browser on a smartphone or a tablet to monitor the product and perform some operations,” he says.

In addition to monitoring the status of replication and the switch-readiness of the cluster, Mobile Monitor gives users the capability to issue commands to start or stop replication groups or to switch replication groups, Warkentin tells IT Jungle. But that is just the start.”

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