• July 6, 2022

Top 5 things to know about user experience

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  1. User experience enables companies to change the world, define the future, create valuable products people want to use and of course make a ton of money.
  1. User Experience is a discipline of disciplines; it requires discovery, vision, strategy, execution and iteration across many fields of study.
  1. Every detail of a product says something about it and the company that created it. User Experience strategy ensures that these messages have a positive intention and purpose.
  1. User Experience is about improving the lives of users, guided by a vision that guides and justifies every decision.
  1. User Experience is the sum of every interaction a person has with a company, be it marketing collateral, customer service, or the product itself.

Above all else, everyone at a company is responsible for User Experience.

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Bill Cole is the Rocket Software Director of User Experience


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