• July 6, 2022

Replicating job scheduler entries using iCluster

Many customers schedule regularly run batch jobs in the IBM Job Scheduler which is provided with the operating system through the WRKJOBSCDE command. If disaster recovery is a primary purpose for using iCluster, and switching is done on a regular basis for an extended period of time, you probably need those job scheduler entries on the backup node when you switch. Job schedule entries are stored as one object called QDFTJOBSCD in library QUSRSYS (object type *JOBSCD). So in previous releases you could select this as an object specifier in iCluster for a group and when it is replicated, the entire job schedule comes across, however it will wipe out whatever job schedule entries existed in WRKJOBSCDE on the backup node.

This is obviously not what customers want, so iCluster has been enhanced at TR2 by moving the DMXtras HRTVJSE and HAPYJSE commands into the product as commands DMRTVJSE and DMAPYJSE.

On the DMRTVJSE you specify either *ALL entries, a specific job entry or a generic like all job schedule entries beginning with NIGHT, and then a user space name to which these items will be saved (myjobs in QGPL). You can also optionally provide a description for the user space to make it easy to identify. Next specify what backup node the job entries should be sent.


On the backup node use the DMAPYJSE command before bring your users on to the new primary node, pointing to the same user space name and library to apply the job schedule entries. Specify a job schedule entry id or use the default user space name which will be concatenated to the original job schedule entry description so that you can easily identify which entries came from the primary vs the existing entries. You can also specify whether these new entries should be automatically held when applied and whether entries that have expired should be applied to the backup node.


Voila, you now have your job schedule entries on the backup node. Just remember that if your job scheduler entries change on a regular basis you should rerun these commands as well to keep everything up to date.

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