• July 6, 2022

3.. 2.. 1.. Liftoff!

Whoa! This is what it must feel like if you’re launched into space as an astronaut! I am writing this at Rocket.Build 2014, feeling like I am traveling at 17,500 mph right now! Rocket.Build is Rocket’s yearly hackathon, where 70 engineers get 36 hours to build and present the idea they have submitted. Today was the “show ‘n tell” where the teams presented the projects they will work on, and I am amazed by what I have seen: 20 smart, outside of the box, mashups/additions that no one had thought of before that will solve real customer problems! The discussions and feedback after the presentation are both fun and valuable at the same time. With all these Rocketeers from China, Russia, USA, Germany, the Netherlands…it feels like working on the ISS 🙂

Project presentation
Project presentation
Discussing afterwards
Discussing afterwards

“You know my methods, Watson.”

After the show ‘n tell there were presentations on Rocket.Mobile (build a mobile app in a day), Rocket.Discover and BlueMix. BlueMix was presented by IBM and they demonstrated how easy it is to build a BlueMix application in the cloud. I loved the Internet of Things demo–very cool. One the unique things that BlueMix offers today is Watson services for BlueMix. I have a feeling we might see one or two of those services consumed in a Rocket.Build project in the very near future (36 hours from now actually :)…

BlueMix presentation
BlueMix presentation
Coffee--helping maintain velocity
Coffee–helping maintain velocity

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