• June 28, 2022

Artists for Humanity is bringing out the creativity at Rocket Software

As Andy mentioned yesterday, 270 Rocketeers have gathered in Boston for the annual Rocket Leadership Summit. As part of the event, we’ve invited the team from Artists for Humanity to come in and help us create three pieces of art that will hang in the Rocket office once the event ends. Artists for Humanity is a Boston-based non-profit, and they bring in teens from under-served neighborhoods and give them a place to create, with resources for screen printing, painting, sculpture, video production and more. You can learn more about them on their website.

This week, four teens will be joining us (after school, of course) and putting the themes from the week–customers, community and category–into images. And they’ll be encouraging the Rocket team to join in. Here you can see the three pieces before everyone is turned loose.

Looks like someone got a head start
And it didn’t take long for the team to join in.

We’ll post updates as the week goes along so you can watch as the paintings progress. Who knows what the final product will look like…




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