• June 25, 2022

Automatic repairs during iCluster continuous sync checks

Continuous synchronization checking has been available in iCluster since iCluster 5.2 way back in 2009. The STRCNSC command will start a continuous sync check for a group which means sync check is always running in the background and will update the status monitor in real time when it discovers out of sync objects. If continuous sync check discovers an out of sync condition, perhaps due to mismatched journals or authorities, a manual sync check DMSTRSC command has to be run with the auto repair parameter REPAIR set to *AUTH or *JRN. Since sync check is a synchronous process, you can only have one sync check process running for a group at any one time which means the continuous sync check has to be ended with ENDHASC, the manual sync check has to be run to repair the OOS and then the continuous sync check started again.

Well, that was the past. Welcome to TR2! With the TR2 release, the continuous sync check command also has the auto repair parameter REPAIR which can be set to *JRN or *AUTH or both.


This means that the continuous sync check will automatically repair journal or authority mismatches as it runs. In other words less administration of iCluster and more time spent on your current business. If you like this post please comment on the blog and try this new enhancement out at TR2.

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