• December 3, 2021

Rocket mainframe news roundup

Rocketeers don’t just contribute here on the Rocket blog–they’re also busy writing on other sites as well. In case you missed them, here are a few mainframe-related pieces that our team has penned recently (Bryan Smith has been especially busy).  Have a read and let us know your thoughts on any (or all) of these articles.

[box style=”rounded”]The Reports of Mainframe’s Demise Are Highly Exaggerated by Bryan Smith and Daryl Wilson[/box]

IBM Destination z“Every few years a new argument pops up about why big iron is on its way out, or should be. More than a decade ago, the main argument against mainframes was that they were slow and unreliable. A few years pass, and the anti-mainframers came back with yet another argument: Running mainframes are much more expensive than clusters of x86-based blade servers…”


[box style=”rounded”]How Do Banks Maintain Financial Data? Mainframes. by Bryan Smith[/box]

InformationWeek“Since its introduction 50 years ago, the mainframe has played a vital role in the financial industry. Some of these services are so fundamental for everyday business that we take them for granted, from the large computer in the IT department to the convenience of using an ATM. Both provide results that are so seamless and reliable that the work behind the scenes is ignored.”


[box style=”rounded”]Analytics and the Rebirth of the Mainframe by Bryan Smith and Bob Potter[/box]

TDWI“The mainframe platform…is without a doubt the most scalable, reliable and dependable transactional system in the world. It plays an important role in helping organizations manage their critical business intelligence work. Yet despite its workload power and prowess, the mainframe hasn’t always been a suitable platform for business intelligence. In this article, we examine the advantages and drawbacks of using the mainframe for BI workloads and explore how IBM has addressed the challenges.”

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