• June 26, 2022

Rocketeers engage the Boston community during the 2014 Leadership Summit

Yesterday was the third day of the 2014 Rocket Leadership Summit, and CEO Andy Youniss challenged the team to do something a bit unusual. Rather than spend a day in meeting rooms listening to presentations, all 270 attendees were told to get out of the building and go do something focused on the topics of customers and community.

Dozens of small groups formed. Some got in a car and drove to visit customers. Some visited other businesses to learn more about how they serve their customers. And some decided to make a difference in the community directly. Here are a few of those stories.

  • Fifteen Rocketeers visited and advised the students at Year Up, an organization that gives urban youth between 18 and 24 intern opportunities that they might not have access to otherwise. Rocket partnered with Year Up in 2013, and has been hosting IT interns at our Waltham headquarters. To quote team member Kurt Bohnert, …”it was so refreshing to visit with these young people. They were so eager to learn, so enthusiastic and full of energy. Here are young adults ages 18-24 who have grown up in the wrong zip codes … you know the story … and all they want to do is learn from us and grow. I left there with a great deal of humility, and tremendous gratitude for all that I have in my life … my family, my community, and the amazing opportunity I have here at Rocket!”
  • Buying clothes for kidsAnother group visited Boston Medical Center. Some members delivered cookies and coffee to patients undergoing chemotherapy. Others worked in the hospital’s food pantry and test kitchen. And other members helped decorate common rooms for the holidays. Team member Glenn Chambers said “…it really inspired me. We discovered that many young children come to the hospital for treatment and do not have any warm clothes to wear when they leave, which in winter time is not at all a good situation. We then decided to go to a local department store and purchased clothing such as hats, scarfs and warm jackets, and gave them to the welfare department of the hospital. Now at least some children will not be cold when they leave the hospital.”
  • Get that fruit off the truck!A third team responded to an emergency request for help at Preble Street, a Portland, Maine soup kitchen. After being hit by severe weather, most of their usual volunteers were stuck at home due to impassable roads, and Preble Street was trying to deal with increased demand and reduced staff–not to mention a truck that needed to be unloaded. The Rocket team left early in the morning and filled the void.

These are only three stories out of dozens, but they exemplify some of the great work Rocketeers did to make a difference for people who needed help. Cheers to everyone who joined in.

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