• June 27, 2022

Vermont Teddy Bear relies on Rocket U2 to improve service and increase revenue

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season, and I’ll bet that at least one of you is planning to give a Vermont Teddy Bear as a gift this year. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is the largest handcrafter of Teddy Bears in North America. Each BearGram® gift includes a customized Vermont Teddy Bear accompanied by a personalized greeting card and free candy treat, all packaged in a colorful gift box with an air hole.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company (VTBC) began nearly 30 years ago offering a single product line that included a teddy bear, a custom outfit “kit,” candy and a greeting card. VTBC has grown dramatically, reaching a peak of over 47,000 orders and more than 60,000 packages shipped in a single day. Staffing fluctuates along with sales, expanding from 150-180 year-round employees to as many as 1,000 during peak months of December, February and May. The continually expanding product line and combined volume across these various divisions have helped the company achieve growth of over $50 million in sales.

“We couldn’t do what we do without this multivalue product. It’s great for developers. There are a lot of nicely written pieces I can use without having to create new code.” — Bob Stetzel, Vice President of Information and Ecommerce Technology

Rocket Software Vermont Teddy BearBecause its sales are closely tied to gifting holidays, VTBC experiences peak periods when orders grow from several hundred per day to many thousands per day (e.g. February 13th, the last day to order a gift that arrives on Valentine’s Day). In the early days, they were using an outbound telemarketing system that had numerous issues, and new they needed a better solution to handle huge order volumes in the face of deadlines, get them out on a timely basis, and manage customer service and shipping.

Want to find out how U2 multivalue solutions help the Vermont Teddy Bear Company manage their business? Check out the free case study on the Rocket Software website!

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