• June 25, 2022

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 2

In our last post we discussed automatic start-up of iCluster and introduced two new commands at iCluster 7.1 TR2 to help with the automation. In this post we will cover the first of those commands DMSTRCST.


DMSTRCST (Start iCluster Processes) starts iCluster processes including starting the XDMCLUSTER subsystem if not already up, starting nodes and starting any groups that have been configured for auto-start as per our last post. In detail here are the steps that are performed:

  1. Wait for TCP to become active if specified
  2. Start the XDMCLUSTER subsystem if not yet started
  3. Start the metadata owning node
  4. Start the current node if not already active
  5. Wait for node to become active for the time specified and if the node does not become active, end.
  6. Start the other nodes in the cluster and wait for them to become active.
  7. Start the groups that have been flagged for auto-start

Now there is one caveat to step 3 above if the current node is not the node that owns the metadata. Remember the metadata owning node can be found pretty quickly via Option 1 Work with nodes from the main menus as below (ICDMO71A is the metadata owner).

If the current node is not the metadata owner, an attempt will be made to open a link from the current node to the node that does own the metadata. For this to succeed, TCP/IP must be active on the other node, the XDMCLUSTER subsystem must be active on that node, and the DMCHATL job must be running. If a link cannot be started to the metadata owning node the DMSTRCST command will end and you will have to manually figure what is happening.

In our next post Part 3, we will cover the command parameters for the DMSTRCST command.

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